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Transparency International published 2015 CPI: Taiwan ranked 30th place was the best rank in the recent ten years.

Transparency International (TI) published the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), in which Taiwan, scoring 62 out of a total 100 points, was ranked 30th place among the 168 investigated countries. This score was one score higher than that of 2014 and the rank was five ranks higher than that of 2014, showing that Taiwan has been continuously improving for the past three years, the best rank from 2005.
Agency Against Corruption (AAC) declaimed the reason impact CPI was mainly from the feeling of the manager to our ethics works. For this reason, the AAC should enhance the knowledge to Taiwan action to ethics work of the manager, and also trying to lower corruption’s harmful effect, in other words, Taiwan should to take precautions against bribery between enterprise and public sector, conflicts of interest, and the corruption of government procurement, including offending Government Procurement Act and Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects to implement Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest, enhancing advertising of Offering a bribe to ensure no breach of official duties.
Taiwan’s CPI rank of 2015 was the best rank in the recent ten years, the achievement couldn’t depend on only government sector, showing the Ministry of government to attach importance to government ethics was approved by worldwide. United Nations Convention Against Corruption Enforcement Act was put into practice at December 9 th, 2015, and trying to amend “National Anti-Corruption Mission Proposal”. The Ministry of Justice would need to allocate to Agency Against Corruption the responsibility to coordinate the various departments of government, executing the integrity-directed project outlined in the “National Anti-Corruption Mission Proposal”. The project would make international cooperation more frequent by meetings, visits, publications, and etc. to advertise Taiwan’s hard work at building integrity. Therefore, the project would improve the evaluators’ impression of Taiwan, so that great progress would be consistently made on Taiwan’s CPI.