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Taipei City Government is going to set up an Anti-Corruption Platform for significant procurements to Promote civic engagement

      In order to prevent malpractice, Ko Wen-Je, mayor of Taipei, announced that there will be an “Anti-corruption Platform” for every procurement priced more than NT$ 10 billion in Taipei City. It is expected that the Taipei Main Station Special Zones (C1/D1) development project will hold the draft of the selection documents for public viewing and investment briefing at the end of this year, and it will be the first Anti-Corruption Platform in Taipei. At that time, all information will be fully disclosed to promote civic engagement.

      This project has been controversial for a while. In April this year, the Taipei city government has publicly appraised and sought professional consultants for financial evaluation and investment promotion. It plans to seek investors publicly next March and is expected to complete the contract within one year.

      The mayor said that the case was valued at NT $ 70 billion, accounting for half of the total annual budget of Taipei city government and the most significant investment case in recent years. In order to make the case fully disclose, it will set up an Anti-Corruption Platform to make all the processes accessible to the public. In the future, every procurement priced more than NT$ 10 billion will also be set up an Anti-Corruption Platform by the government.