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“Public Servants Applying for Small Amount Subsidies” course held by Taipei City Government

In 2014, a total of 21 incidences of fraudulently obtaining public fund, such as overstated overtime payment, business trip allowance, tourism allowance, subsidies, and etc. that were sued by the prosecutors, comprised 10% of entire year’s corruption cases sued by district prosecutors’ offices. To strengthen public servants’ anti-corruption knowledge to prevent corruption from happening in the future, Taipei City Government holds a “public servants applying for small amount subsidies” course on July 30th, 2015 at Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The course directs those responsible for handling and verifying subsidies, such as those working in the personnel units, budget, accounting, and statistics units, cashier units, and secretary units, around 250 people, to attend the training course.

Applying for overtime payment, business trip allowance, and tourism allowance is the fundamental right of public servants. Only a few public servants would overstate the amount of subsidies. Such overstatement violates the “Criminal Code” by creating false official document and exercising forgery or infringes the “Anti-Corruption Act” by taking the advantage of job position to gain unlawful profits. In the consequences, the judicial sanctions the public servants must confront would damage the clean reputation of the individual and the corresponding agencies. Taipei City Government wishes to guide the public servants to better understand the must-follow laws and regulatory rules through the training of the course, preventing violation of the law due to short-term greed or mistakes. Furthermore, Taipei City Government also urges the managers at all agencies to take responsibility to enforce personnel control and articulation so that public servants can follow the law closely and perform their duties without troubles, preventing any corruption to occur again.