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Let's Celebrate the 2015 Lantern Festival Through Online Riddle-Solving-a chance to win iPad Mini

The Department of Government Ethics of the Taipei City Government (DOGE) has launched an online riddle-solving event starting from Feb 16 thru to March 16., every person has an equal opportunity to engage in anti-corruption discussion through riddle solving. Answering one riddle right enters you in the lottery, potentially bringing home iPad Mini, mobile power bank, and shopping coupons! Proceed to the event website http://w2.doge.taipei.gov.tw/lantern104/intro.asp (Chinese) or the link on the DOGE main page to test your riddle-solving talent!

The DOGE indicates that in addition to lanterns watching and tangyuan tasting that are perfect for celebrating the occasion, riddles solving adds more to the fun of experiencing the lantern festival by connecting with anti-corruption theme. This year, the DOGE hired experts to invent 30 new riddles that associated with such motifs as administrative transparency, Convention against Corruption, and corruption perception index (CPI). For instance, a riddle, that asks you the opposite meaning of an emperor dressing in civilians’ outfit to visit people; the opposite meaning implies the commissioners of the Taipei City Government’s schedule should be public. The DOGE invites everyone, while exercising brainstorming and searching for information, to get to know the Taipei City Government’s effort at building integrity, encouraging people to participate in fighting corruption and in supporting zero tolerance for corruption.