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DOGE Has Given out First Reward for Reporting Corruption Since Ko Came to Office

To encourage civilians to report illegal fraud, Department of Government Ethics, Taipei City Government (DOGE) sent out the first monetary reward equivalent to NT5000 on December 30th, 2014 since mayor Ko was inaugurated to office. The fraud reported was Taipei City Police Department’s officer taking advantage of a car accident. During the course of settling the dispute, the officer faked the victim’s intention to reconcile only to illegally procure the monetary compensation. Due to people’s report to police department’s office of government ethics, the police referred the case to Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation. Because the prosecutor publically prosecuted the officer by Anti-Corruption Act in August, 2014, DOGE was able to give out the reward to the reporter based on the "Taipei City Government Standard of Operation for Rewarding Report of Corruption". DOGE appreciated greatly everyone’s effort to report corruption and maintain integrity among the civil servants.

To combat corruption, DOGE enforced the "Taipei City Government Standard of Operation for Rewarding Report of Corruption" on November 21, 2011. If the prosecutor was able to publically sue the suspect for corruption, the reporter would receive NT5000 as reward. If the court did find the suspect guilty, the reporter would receive a further NT$100,000 to NT$ 2 million reward depending on the charges. Not only does the public sector need participation from every citizen, the civil servants also require supervision. If you ever find out any illegal conduct by the government’s servants, please report the case to DOGE or to the office of government ethics of each governmental department.