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Weekend Anti-corruption Booth! Learn More About Anti-Corruption, Complete the Puzzle for Limited Prize!

Clean and competent government, government transparency, and citizen participation are goals that Taipei City Government has always strived for. In order to raise the public awareness of anti-corruption, and establish the core value of clean government, the Department of Government Ethics, Taipei City Government has set up booth at Taipei Expo Park in Yuanshan and the Bopiliao Historical Block from 1:00PM to 5:00PM every Saturday and Sunday starting from May 2017. The civil ethics volunteers at the booth would demonstrate and promote the anti-corruption measures and service for the visitors, with the expectation to encourage the public to fight against corruption, pay more attention to ethics affairs and  create and honest and clean society.

The Department of Government Ethics states that Taipei Expo Park in Yuanshan and the Bopiliao Historical Block are famous attractions and situated in convenient locations and are easily accessible by public transport. They are perfect spots for family outings and the anti-corruption booth during weekend. At the booth, the civil ethics volunteers would demonstrate the anti-corruption measures of Taipei City Government; in addition, there would be puzzle game for people to participate. Follow the instructions and complete the puzzle for limited prize. A limited quantity while supplies last per day. 

The booths will be run by experienced civil ethics volunteers from May 6 2017 till end of October because the volunteers represent both the ethics advocates and the general public, they can easily identify themselves with the public and convey the new conceptions of integrity without difficulty and that they expect the station would involve the public together to fight corruption and build a clean government and ethical society.