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Mini Movie Contest from the Agency Against Corruption

The Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice (AAC) held a result presentation for the event "Be Brave to Catch BUG – Mini Movie Contest" on March 3rd, 2015 afternoon. Lai, Jer-Shyong, the Director-General of AAC presented top 3 place, merit, and honorable awards along with monetary prizes and cups to qualifying winners. The AAC also invited celebrity Lee, Feng who was famous for his role as a police Section Chief in various TV dramas as the spokesperson for this event. During the course of presentation, the host played the winning movies and winners gave speeches about their works to support the idea that administrative transparency required every citizen’s participation.

The contest introduced "Integrity Opens Up Future" and "Integrity and Society" as two major themes that allowed movie makers to express their thoughts, encouraging them to embed integrity into the film to disseminate integrity-related issues that the general public cares deeply about. The contest started to accept films from October 16th, 2014 to December 15th, 2014, with a total of 41 films competing for 10 winning spots revealed in January 2015.

The AAC pointed out from the 41 participating films, the agency witnessed the youth’s high expectation of anti-corruption measures. This phenomenon suggested AAC had to work even harder to fight corruption to meet people’s high expectation. Of course, AAC also needed to advocate the value of integrity and implement a well-structured anti-corruption system. For example, a theme of the contest "Be Brave to Catch BUG" strongly illustrates the need to correct system flaws to allow administrative operations to function smoothly.

Link to the winning films: http://www.microcinema.tw/web/vote (chinese)