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Department of Government Ethics


NO.TitlePublish Date
61Introduction of events on the 2013 Taipei International Anti-corruption Day – Part II2014-06-04
62Introduction of events on the 2013 Taipei International Anti-corruption Day – Part I2014-05-07
63Srirak Plipat, TI’s Regional Director of the Asia Pacific Department, Visits the DOGE2014-03-13
64Preventing Corruption Together: Gathering Anti-Corruption Energy and Advancing International Opinion Exchange2014-01-14
65Introduction on Anti-Corruption Operations of the Department of Government Ethics2013-12-24
66Exclusive Mortuary Service, Proactive Caring The Perfect Combination of Cleanliness and Effectiveness2013-11-18
672013 Together We Join, a Transparent Taipei - Activities for the International Anti-Corruption Day Commence As of Today!2013-10-24
68Yameme Goes to School, Spreads Seeds of Integrity, Carries out On-Campus Corruption-Free Project2013-09-16
69Fighting Corruption in Engineering Industry Hydraulic Engineering Office of the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government Establishes Anti-Corruption Platform2013-08-12
70Taipei City Government Opens Community College Theme Workshop for Participation in Probity2013-07-10
71(ENTRIES CLOSED) Submit Your Entry Now for the "Shout about Probity and Efficiency : Create a Public Service Announcement" Competition2013-06-11
72International Anti-Corruption Day Activities in Taipei: 2012 Annual Activity Report by Taipei City Government Part II2013-05-06
732012 International Anti-Corruption Day Activities in Taipei by Taipei City Government PART I2013-04-12
74Administrative Transparency Forum Booklet Available NOW! Contact the DOGE for More Info2013-03-07
75Time to Wake up: 1209 International Anti-Corruption Day Public Awareness Campaign in Taipei and Final Presentations of Community Colleges’ Corruption-Free Politics Programs2013-01-15
76The Sixth Honesty Cup College Debate Contest of TCG 2012-12-11
77The 2012 “Civil Participating, Crystal Clear Taipei” Activities of International Anti-Corruption Day The Third Integrity Camp for Teenagers2012-11-07
782012 The Fourth "I Love Integrity" Speech Contest for Elementary School Students2012-10-03