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Department of Government Ethics


NO.TitlePublish Date
41Transparency International published 2015 CPI: Taiwan ranked 30th place was the best rank in the recent ten years.2016-02-26
42’’The Lectures on the Laws Related to Government Procurement Act in 2015’’ Delivered by AAC, MOJ, Which Effectively Deepened Participants’ Understanding of Procurement Acts.2016-01-22
431209 Anti-Corruption Carnival─Mayor Ko invites You to Join the Online Puzzle Solving2015-12-24
44“Stress Integrity, Shape Character”--The “Children Integrity Month” Comes to a Perfect End2015-10-27
45Engineering Ethics and Corruption Prevention Seminars Aiming to Raise Engineer’s Professionalism2015-10-27
46Academic Seminar on United Nations Convention Against Corruption ―From analyzing Current Mechanism to Reaching a Consensus for Future Implementation2015-09-21
47“Public Servants Applying for Small Amount Subsidies” course held by Taipei City Government2015-08-27
48“UNCAC” seminar held on June 23rd by Agency Against Corruption (AAC), Ministry of Justice2015-07-27
49“Citizens Inspecting Public Works” Conference Held by DOGE on May 1st, 20152015-06-05
50The Legislative Yuan Passed "Proposal to Enact UNCAC" and "Draft of UNCAC Act" On May 5th, 20152015-05-29
51PERC’s 2015 Report on Corruption in Asia – Taiwan Scored its Best in Recent 10 Years2015-04-28
52Mini Movie Contest from the Agency Against Corruption2015-03-31
53Let's Celebrate the 2015 Lantern Festival Through Online Riddle-Solving-a chance to win iPad Mini2015-02-26
54DOGE Has Given out First Reward for Reporting Corruption Since Ko Came to Office2015-01-30
55The Clean Government Committee Was Founded and Would Start Investigating in February2015-01-30
56Transparency International published 2014 CPI: Taiwan improved 1 rank2014-12-24
57“1209 International Anti-Corruption Day”: Ifkids Theatre Will Bring Amazing Performance2014-11-28
58Intercollegiate Debates Stimulate Intense Arguments about Whistleblowers Act2014-10-29
59DOGE Unveils the Long-Proposed Reading Event, Advocating for Honesty and Trust2014-09-11
60Volunteer Station Launches at Dadaocheng Wharf2014-08-25